The Serpent’s Tooth

The Serpent's Tooth

The Serpent's Tooth


How sharper than a
serpent’s tooth it is

To have a thankless child!”
(King Lear)

The Serpent’s Tooth” delicately and sensitively explores the influence of a parent’s actions on an independent young daughter.


Abandoned by her mother when she is seven, and subsequently evacuated to an isolated farm during the war, Polly Adams finds herself unable to forget the experiences of her unhappy, lonely childhood.


So when, as an attractive woman and successful journalist, she marries a cold, defensive husband, she cannot bring herself to face the possible breakdown of her marriage. She knows so well the irreparable harm that an insecure childhood can cause.


When the chance of a new life unexpectedly comes her way, Polly is faced with a conflict. With her new-found understanding of her own needs, can she at last, as a grown woman, conquer her fears and find happiness, understanding and fulfilment?


Margaret Bacon writes superb narrative prose with beautiful dialogue. The Serpent’s Tooth is a moving and memorable book.