The Ewe Lamb

The Ewe Lamb

The Ewe Lamb


Two women living very different lives, but they are always there for each other when it matters most.


Judith Delaney and Alice Dowerthwaite had that rare precious thing – a friendship which overcomes their different lifestyles and aspirations.


Judith, confident and ambitious, leaves the Yorkshire Dales to become a barrister in London but when things seem not to turn out as she’d hoped, she takes a break from the city to return to Netherby – and to Alice, who has never left.


For the first time in their relationship, it is the practical and down-to-earth Alice who is the strong one, who takes charge. And as the two friends begin to regain the closeness which they had before their lives diverged, a powerful tale unfolds.


The Ewe Lamb is a moving story of two contemporary young women by an author whose works have been praised for their beautiful writing, honesty and enormous compassion.